Arekatika Porata Samithi


Arekatika Porata Samithi - A K P S

Aims & Objectives

I. To promote brotherhood among the community.

II. To organize meetings/seminars, to protect and implement the objectives of the organization.
III. To undertake programs and cultural events to protect and promote the dignity and welfare of the community.
IV. To take up activities to promote harmony among the community and other communities.
V. To take up social service activities for the sake of community and general public.
VI. To promote the interest of women in the community by creating awareness of women rights, creating self-employment opportunities for them.
VII. To promote education and empowerment opportunities to children and community youth.
VIII. To fight for modernization of the Slaughter houses/mandis and promote welfare measures for the workers of the mandis.
IX. To organize the Collective marriages in the community and work for eradication of dowry system in the community.
X. To organize programs for the welfare of the poor and neglected community members.
XI. To raise funds , take loans for programs/activities to be conducted by the society for the development of the community.
XII. To raise funds from social and public organizations, Government organizations, Philanthropists for the benefit of the Community.
XIII. To work for education / empowerment of the community by promoting income generation activities.
XIV. To promote GOSHALA for preserving the Holy cows.
XV. To promote library for the welfare of community and general public.

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